An elf story

Into the fray

Selki reconnected with the people of her small village. She acquired her mother Varuhn’s ancient onyx sword Orc’s Bane (+1 Att v. Orc) from her father Gharalt. Spoke to Ignem, and was reassured in repair and refining of items in the future by attaining sharpening stones or augmentation gems. Gained a quest from the artificier Horace to reclaim and ancient totem of power that was long stolen from him by a band of kobold lizard men. Galen gave Selki directions to the kobolds cavern and hateful stares for her acquisition of the ancient sword.

After traveling through the forest for some time, Selki smelt the rotting corpses in the air and led her straight to the caverns entrance. Dimly lit inside she snuck into the hunkered cavern taking the first of the kobolds by surprise. With increasing knowledge of her enemies she blasted her way to the deeper recesses of the cave. Upon finding a faintly lit side passage and a chest trapped by preventing magic, she encounters a pair of magically animated skeletons with razor sharp teeth and claws. After sustaining minimal damage from the two she knocks their blocks off and takes their sharp bits for good measure, along with a embroidered wineskin from within the chest. She hears gibbering in the back of the cave behind a curtain spread between the sides of the passageway and fires her arrows into the unaware native. Raising the initiative of its fellow kin, they attack. The leader of the inferior band stands upon a dais and conjures shards of ice and burning acid that pools on the floor around his unwitting companions. The acid eats away at the feet of the kobold and he is to enthralled in the battle to step aside. Using expert knowledge of her surroundings, Selki lines her back with the wall and cut the kobolds to ribbons. Within the chest behind the dais, Selki finds a hoard of treasure including a ring, gold pieces and the totem Horace was searching for.

High Forest

In the midst of the High Forest rests the town of Ilgar. An ancient elven outpost with a few notable denizens along with a squadron of Rangers known as The Golden Leaf

Your father Gharalt
Your sister
The Black smith Ignem
The Artificer Horace
The Healer and Item merchant


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